Health Supplement Manufacturers



Development of health products depend on the quality of manufacturing company. For designing, manufacturing and packaging health product you require a manufacturing service. These products can be in the form of capsules, powdered form, or tablets. Manufacturing services are well versed in research, experimentation, development and packaging of health product according to the client’s specifications. Pharmatech is one those manufacturing service that fit into this description.  
Pharmatech manufactures vitamin, health supplement, powdered drinks, private label vitamins, flavored protein, formulas and many more. They have Ph.D. level experienced personals for developing drink mixes. Granulation service is one the major service they provide. They focus on providing higher active ingredient rates in powders for accurate bulk density.
Tableting is another service they offer. They use high-speed rotary tablet presses for making 150,000 tablets per hour. They use computer controlled operations for accuracy and precision for ensuring size and weight of the tablet. Everything is done with in the given specifications of the clients.   


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